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Homeowners Design Center
I have had the pleasure of working with HDC, and the president of HDC for over 25 years. Lyle Hamasaki Construction, Inc. has worked with them in the past in multiple areas of the industry to include cabinets, carpeting, hardwood flooring, wood laminate flooring, sheet vinyl, vinyl flooring, kitchen equipment, window dressings, and ceramic tile. The quality of their products is excellent and the work is very professional. Their staff is always very accommodating in providing material samples, assisting in material selections, and most importantly, completing the work in schedule and within budget. There have been projects where I was glad to have the staff at HDC working with us because they have repeatedly gone above and beyond to assist is in meeting schedules and impressing clients. I anticipate working with HDC for many years to come as I am always very satisfied with their work. HDC completes all of the work on schedule, within budget and with the professional quality expected of the firm. HDC has been a very reliable business partner for Lyle Hamasaki Construction, Inc. and their staff is very pleasant to work with. If you have any questions about HDC or if I can assist you in any way, please feel free to call me.
Lyle Y. HamasakiPresident - Lyle Hamasaki Construction, Inc.

As our year and a half long project nears completion I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your services. The design work you did of our kitchen, the guidance you provided me in material selection, and most of all your patience in working with me is greatly appreciated. I know our project wasn't an easy one to coordinate, but you seem to have done it with ease. You and your staff have been very easy to work with and I could not hesitate to call upon your services in the future. In fact, this will be very soon as we will soon be preparing to renovate our penthouse units.

With the new kitchen design that helped open up the kitchen to the living room, many of our owners and repeat guests have commented on how our rooms look much larger than before. Overall, our new rooms have garnered any compliments from our owners, travel partners and guests and needless to say, my staff and I are very proud of our new look. I must also share that my housekeeping and maintenance staff are very happy with the room design and the materials you selected. As I mentioned during the development stages of our project, the ease of cleaning the rooms and maintaining them was paramount, and yet it had to provide a homey and comfortable ambience to stay in. With your help, all of this was accomplished. Mahalo to HDC for all that you have done for the Aston Waikiki Sunset. As mentioned before, you'll be hearing from me soon.

Douglas OkadaGeneral Manager - Aston Waikiki Sunset Hotels & Resorts

The Halekulani and the Waikiki Parc Hotel have had the privilege of working with HDC over the past fifteen years. During this period, they have not only provided both hotels with excellent service and quality workmanship, but have developed a relationship of trust and integrity. With the hotels' occupancy demands, HDC has demonstrated their willingness to be flexible in scheduling material movement and manpower to get the job done. This has been a great asset to our hotels' operations and minimizes the impact to guest services and revenues. Over the years, they have installed guestroom carpeting, corridor carpeting, hardwood and vinyl flooring in our hotels. Their personnel are professional and courteous to our hotel's staff and guests at all times, and their workmanship is of the highest quality. HDC has also purchased carpeting on behalf of our hotels, and has provided storage for the extra "attic stock" carpeting as part of their service to us. HDC is now considered our "preferred" contractor for all carpeting installation and other flooring projects at both the Halekulani and Waikiki Pac Hotel. They are professional in their approach and are always aware of their client's needs. We would certainly recommend HDC.

Kenneth MizunoDirector of Projects - Halekulani & Waikiki Parc Hotel